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Youth Ministries
Our congregation has classes, activities, and opportunities for service for young people, both teens and pre-teens.

During our weekly Children's Church class, our younger group has focused on stories of Jesus' miracles and parables that Jesus told. At the end of August they started a new series of lessons about the overview of God's plan through the stories and events of the Old Testament. In addition, some were able to participate in the Spiritual Enrichment Camp in Southern California as mini-campers.

-- Kids Club: South Bay Christian Church is hosting a 90 minute Kid's Club each week teaching life skills from the Bible as an after school program at Sartorette Elementary School. For information about Kid's Club please go to

Pre-Teen and Beyond
The focus of our older young children's group has been developing a relationship with God and our families. Their objectives are to learn about God, participate in the family, and serve those in need. In addition to visiting people in the hospital, recent activities include swim parties, summer camp, a Mount Madonna campout, participating during church, and singing with our church bands. They love being involved members of the church family.

Our teens are always participating in a variety of activities. From sharing skits and dramas during church to leading worship with the Youth Band, they are an integral part of our church community. We also raise funds to send our youth to the Spiritual Enrichment Program in the summer.


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