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Life's Fundamental Questions

Christianity provides the answers to life's most basic and yet most important questions. As Pastor Dahlgren says in his Welcome Letter, "We don't have all the answers...but we do know SOMEONE who does." The following resources will give you hope and help as you seek the answers which are available only through Jesus Christ--the one who has all the answers.

Question Article Source
Does God Exist? Introduction To God

Worldwide News
May 2001


Is the Bible Real? Can We Trust the Gospels?

WCG Article, published in Jan-Feb 1997 British Edition of Plain Truth magazine.

What is in the Bible? A Guided Tour of the Bible

WCG Publication


Is There Life After Death? When a Loved One Dies

WCG Booklet


Why Be A Christian? Why Would Anyone Want to be a Christian? WCG Pamphlet
(also printed in the November 2000 Worldwide News)
How Do I Become A Christian? How to Become a Christian WCG Pamphlet

Don't miss the opportunity to view the Jesus Video online. Made available by the Jesus Video Project.


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