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Our Ministries
The South Bay Christian Church is involved in a variety of ministries, as we seek to share the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Members of our local congregations have been active in missions to the Ukraine, Mexico, and the Phillipines. The following article from our Winter 2001 Newsletter recaps one of those missions:

Ensenada Mission
by Alicia Carrillo

When representatives from Azusa Pacific University visited our congregation in the spring of 2000, God planted a seed in me. My heart’s desire was to serve on a mission team for an underdeveloped country. My desire was granted. The work God had in store for me, as a translator would be challenging. The reward would be priceless. The lessons would run deep. The experience would be unforgettable. If this, or any other aspect of serving on a mission trip interests you, I encourage you to be a part of it. What a wonderful way to serve others! For me, it was a dream come true.

I was to meet youth pastor Jon Hoffpauier and his group in Ensenada, Baja California on 9/12/00. “How hard could this be?” I asked myself. As I was about to call my neighbor to let him know I was ready to go to the bus station, I realized my ticket was missing and my duffle bag’s zipper was missing. No worries, I prayed. God will fix it. My neighbor fixed my bag. I explained to the Greyhound attendants that I HAD to be in Mexico the next day. Arriving in Ensenada the next morning, I was greeted by a cousin I had never met, Rey Carrillo.

Later that afternoon Rey took me to Rancho El Refugio (the Ranch of Refuge, where we camped for the mission) to meet my group. The group was from New Life Church, a Presbyterian congregation in Escondido, CA. There were 17 of us in all. They had selected vacation Bible study as the area to serve in. What a wonderful, helpful group of teens and their youth leaders! They unloaded my camping gear, had a tent set up for me, and placed my sleeping bag ready to use. My cousin seemed a little reluctant to leave me with total strangers, but I re-assured him I was in good hands. I was in God’s hands, and I prayed for His guidance in this new and unfamiliar place.

Our group attended Sunday services with our assigned congregation, Abba Padre. It was a small, lively church, and I was graciously asked to translate the service. However, there was no microphone or sound system. Thankfully, it was a room slightly smaller than that of our sanctuary, and consecutive translating was used (one person speaks, pauses, one translates, etc.). The next day we enjoyed singing praise song in Spanish, including ‘Lord I Lift Your Name On High’. Puppets, memory verses, and Biblical skits were used to teach the children about God’s merciful love for us. The 15 –25 children attending ranged from babies to teens, and were very well behaved. Their smiles greeted us each day, some even arriving an hour early, making sure not to miss us. Crafts were also included so that the children could make a musical instrument, necklaces, small pots they painted, and were invited to help in the skits put on by our teens.

On one of our picnic lunches in a nearby park, Mr. Hoffpauier began playing tennis with three young men. Mr. Hoffpauier is a former tennis coach, so he finds it easy to establish a rapport with such athletes. Soon, he had me over to translate as we all sat down and he spoke to them about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I learned that being a translator meant being ready at a moments notice, in any situation.

The ladies in the church made us a lunch of fish tacos on our last day, and we shared our pack lunches with them from camp. Mr. Hoffpauier and his wife, Alice, had a special trip on our last day planned for us. We went to visit a family they had helped build a house for, two years earlier. Our extra food and much of the schools supplies I had with me was given to them and neighborhood children. The neighborhood children were invited to play a game of soccer, which was played in a dried riverbed. Though I did not participate in the games, that was a nice ending to a wonderful learning experience. As we were asked in the messages, “How far will your fire grow?”

God gives us many blessings, but He never promises they will be the easy roads we’d like Him to pave for us. Such was my experience on my mission adventure.

Small Groups
Follow the link for information about our Small Group Prayer and Bible Study Groups in the South Bay.

Womens Ministry
Our Womens Ministry group has seasonal monthly meetings and an annual brunch. Meetings focus on Biblical lessons about women for women. For an update on our recent meetings, be sure to see Myrna Paulino's Womens Ministry Article in our Spring 2001 Newsletter.

Youth Ministries


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